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10 Aweome Apps 4SmallBiz

Posted on 9/30/2013 by

With the help of great apps, a small business can turn into a big business in short order! (Okay, that’s not the whole truth. You also need customers, a profitable business model, a great team, and a few dozen other stars in alignment for all of that to happen. But still, the apps are helpful. Below are ten that are awesome.)


We’re told that once upon a time, people used to meet in person to transact business and to collaborate. We think that’s probably just a myth, but just in case there are people actually still meeting in meatspace, we wanted to highlight WebEx. WebEx is an app that lets you hold slick videoconferences in HD.

It’s better than real life!


If you try to send a big file through email, you’re going to get a bounceback notice. (Email systems have their limits, after all.) With Dropbox, however, you can upload big files and share them easily and securely with anyone. You can also setup automatic folder uploads so that your own files are always backed up. That way, your next virus or crash won’t destroy your business, just your computer.


Since we’re being digital elitists in this post, we’ll go ahead and say it: business cards? Actual business cards? Ew.

If you’re someone who feels the same way, but who can’t avoid taking business cards here and there, CardMunch is for you. It convers the cards directly into LinkedIn contacts through your smartphone.

Then you can toss that little card in the trash, where it belongs.


Do you constantly forget things that you need to get done? Do you wish you could take notes conveniently? Evernote is the answer.

Not only can you jot down notes and schedule reminders, but you can also share things easily, create markups, search, and do lots more. Evernote is just too darn helpful to ignore.


If you travel a lot, and administration of travel details is getting out of hand, TripIt can make things a lot easier. Just forward your confirmation emails to TripIt, and an itinerary for your trip will be created automatically. It’s much easier than cutting and pasting things into calendar apps and losing details like customer service numbers or trip IDs.


If your business is based on hourly billing, or you’d like a cleaner solution than timesheets for your employees, Toggl gets it done. With Toggl, you can easily push start and stop on different tasks, type in descriptions, and get an automatic record of what you did, how long it took, and how the day was otherwise spent.


The gold standard for taking payments with your mobile device. You download the app, plug in the Square, and your customers can swipe their plastic all day long. The cost is a straightforward 2.75% fee, a small price to pay for instantaneous payments from anywhere.


Conferences and industry events are all about networking. With Bizzabo, you can see who is at your event and propose a meetup, making the whole process a lot more valuable and efficient. Why wonder if there are relevant contacts at an event when Bizzabo can let you directly browse the people that are there from your mobile device?

(Microsoft) Office Mobile

The world’s most popular business applications, on your mobile device. ‘Nuff said.

But wait, that’s only 9 apps. What’s the 10th?

529 Apps, of course!

If your business hasn’t published a simple, cost-effective mobile app and website yet, you’re missing out on an essential opportunity. Going mobile is simply no longer an option. The world (i.e. your customers) has gone mobile and we all need to follow suit.

Go mobile before the competition does, and their market share will soon be your market share!