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10 Awesome Apps for Travel and Hospitality Business Owners

Posted on 2/20/2013 by in Mobile Apps

When you’re running a travel and hospitality small business, you need all the streamlined, simple, effective solutions you can get. These apps all fit the bill (without sending you one – many are free!):

1. Bump

“What’s your email? How do I type that? … with two Zs? Oh, man, why won’t this thing attach … never mind, I’ll send it to you later.”

With Bump, there’s no more of this.

Bump allows users to bump phones together and transfer files, contact info, photos, and any other data you might like to share. You just open Bump, bump phones, and it’s done.

2. GO Email Widget

Wrangling multiple email accounts can be a pain, but GO Email brings them together easily in an app so that you can stop logging in and out of services, fussing with multiple devices, and missing messages, whether they come from home, an employee, or a new prospect.

(Responding to all these wonderful people is still up to you, though.)

3. Bizzabo

Conferences and trade shows are a great opportunity to network and develop new leads, right?

Bizzabo helps you actually capitalize on those great opportunities, by helping you figure out who’s in attendance and meet up with them, along with a ton of other functions.

4. Ustream

One of the great overlooked opportunities for business leaders on the Internet is promotional video. Ustream lets you stream your videos and reach as broad an audience as you can gather, for free.

Pretty nice deal, no?

5. UberSocial

You know that social media is an important promotional platform, but keeping up with it is kind of a pain, right?

With an app like UberSocial, you can push content easily to multiple social media platforms at once. For example, if you’re a furniture manufacturer, you can snap a picture of your latest design on your phone, and with a few clicks, you can push it out to Twitter and Facebook instead of having to handle everything later at your PC. Simple.

6. Square

This is a must-have for a lot of small businesses.

Square is a credit-card reader that plugs into your smartphone. When you need to take a payment, just have your customer swipe their card through the Square, and the payment will come through on your phone. It carries a 2.75% fee, but it’s hugely convenient and well worth it for many businesses that are on the go.

7. Bluetooth Remote PC

Control your computer from your phone, with Bluetooth Remote PC. Not only can this be useful for presentations or information lookup, it’s great for pranks, too!

8. Time Tracker

If your business generates revenue by the hour, Time Tracker is a clean way to clock in and out, keep everything automatically organized and recorded, and bill your clients with a minimum of fuss.

9. TaskRabbit

Is your workload unpredictable? TaskRabbit will let you find local temporary helpers in a pinch. The tasks don’t have to be business-related, either. If you’re in the middle of a workday and suddenly find out you’re going to be entertaining at home that night, you can have someone grab a party platter and some drinks for you, to save you an errand at the end of the day.

10. DocuSign

Is your business getting to the point where you’re ready to have formal agreements in place with suppliers, employees, or partners? DocuSign makes it easy to email a document out, get signatures, and finalize agreements without having to wait on couriers, FedEx, or snail mail.

Good luck out there, small business owners – we hope this list makes your life easier!