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Everything You Need to Know About iOS7 and 529 Apps

Posted on 9/20/2013 by

In case you’ve somehow managed to escape the never-ending flood of Apple news that makes up roughly 94% of the modern Internet, on September 18th, a new Apple operating system update is coming out. The new system is titled “iOS7.” So, what do 529 Apps users need to know about it? Nothing really. Except for the fact that your app will remain to work perfectly without any issues.

Everything will be fine.

We’ve been diligently testing apps using the iOS7 beta version since it was released in June, and all of our apps will be ready to roll when iOS7 is formally released. If you want to check it out yourself, you’ll need to have a device that can handle iOS7, meaning an iPhone 4 or later version, iPad 2 or later version, iPad mini, or fifth-generation iPod touch.

iOS7 will mainly affect those apps that are submitted after the launch date. And even then, the changes are largely cosmetic. They pertain mainly to built-in user interface components from Apple’s development object library that we use in our apps, including:

• The “Recents” and “Near By” buttons on the FanWall tab,

• The “News,” “Tweet,” and “Fav” buttons on the News tab,

• The “Info” and “Edit” buttons on the QR Scanner tab, and

• The Website tab’s bottom navigation bar.

We’re expecting things to go fairly smoothly after launch. It’s not in Apple’s interest to break hundreds of thousands of apps with a system update, after all. If you have any questions, or experience any issues, however, our team is ready to help.