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Mobile App Minute: How Business Apps Are Changing Everything

Posted on 2/8/2014 by in Mobile Apps Mobile App Minute

Business Apps – mobile apps that businesses are using to change the way they operate! Now more than ever, businesses are leveraging the power of mobile apps to make their operations more efficient, convenient, and profitable. Below are just a few of the app categories that have become most popular. Using these apps, businesses large and small are augmenting their capabilities, exploring new possibilities, and changing everything about the way business is done.

Mobile Office Apps

Back when everyone had a “dumb” cell phone, viewing a document, spreadsheet, or image onscreen was a total fantasy. As phones progressed, users demanded this ability, and as soon as their wish was granted, they began asking for the power to edit files as well.

The future is definitely here!

Whether on Android, iOS, or other devices, a business user can now check an email, download an attachment, edit it, and send it back. The office has gone fully mobile. And with free apps like Google Drive, which offer the ability for users on the latest generation of phones to edit documents without having to pay for a full office suite, even the smallest business can enjoy the benefits of a fully remote pocket office.

Mobile Payment Apps

Expecting people to carry cash is becoming more and more likely to lead to disappointment for business owners. But with mobile payment apps, customer plastic is swipable no matter how far you stray from your home POS system or card terminal. Apps like Square, enabled by a tiny plugin card reader that you attach to your mobile device, are a super-convenient development that helps you do away with the old system of mailing invoices and hoping payments come through. For many businesses, this means cutting payment delays down to nothing and boosting collection rates sky high.

Mobile Meeting Apps

It’s no surprise that smart phones have taken communications to the next level, but meeting apps have pushed things even further. International conference calls have become child’s play. Now, businesses can do video calls, mobile presentations, and more, all through tablets and some advanced phones. Apps like GoToMeeting and Skype are making connecting easier than ever before, whether it’s an internal status call or a presentation to a prospective customer.

Mobile Storage Apps

Working with big files can be a pain even when you’re not on the little screen, so it’s essential that you have smooth, functional solutions for sharing large files remotely. Enter Dropbox, the hugely popular way to grant access to those monster image files, videos, and pdfs that have been the cause of so many email errors in years past. Now, your whole team can stay in sync no matter where they are, with cloud-based secure folders.

Mobile Finance Apps

For many years, there have been a wealth of solutions available to help businesses keep track of income, expenses, and other financial matters. But now that things have gone mobile, these solutions have had to evolve – and evolve they have! Apps like Mint and QuickBooks are totally mobile and ready to take in data and update records on the fly.

Mobile Sales Apps

What do most businesses want more than anything? More sales! It’s one of the key drivers of success, and having an app that can generate sales is hugely valuable.

Luckily, for 529 Mobile Apps users, our apps can boost sales in dozens of ways. When you create an app, you can include a mobile store that customers can submit sales through, you can offer mobile reservations that allow users to select their own time slot to visit your business, and you can even use push notifications to promote products, deals, and events directly to your customers. Creating your own app opens up a variety of new sales channels that can all help your business grow.

As you can see, apps offer a huge number of ways to improve your business. And with many apps being offered in free or low-cost subscriptions, there’s very little at risk. Experiment! Big things could be in store for your business in 2014.