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Mobile App Minute: How Attorneys Can Use Mobile Apps to Increase Business Development and Serve Clients Better

Posted on 2/14/2014 by in Mobile Apps Mobile App Minute Legal Apps

So you’ve got a full plate of negotiating, arguing, and pleading to do (and that’s before you leave the house). When are you supposed to find time to deal with practice development, let alone mobile apps? Well, unless you want to cede the mobile space to the competition, it’s important to spend a bit of time getting a mobile app up and running. And we have some good news: it’s incredibly easy and cost-effective to do! You only need a minutes (okay, maybe a few minutes), and you can have your app designed and ready for approval on both the iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) platforms.

Why bother? Glad you asked:

Mobile apps help you connect with clients (and earn new ones!)

Push notifications and promotion. With push notifications, you can send alerts to clients about new developments or simply promote your services. For example, if you’re a wills, trusts, and estates practitioner, you can send a message to your app users when new case law may require an update to clients’ planning documents.

Referrals. Your app can feature a social sharing function that lets current clients spread the word to their network about the great experience they had when working with you, which can lead to new business.

Reference and tips. If you like, you can use your app to offer simple tips for clients to browse – things like a) 10 Simple Rules for Interacting with the Police, or b) The Critical Steps to Starting Your Own Business. This helps you differentiate from other practitioners and offer additional assistance to clients in an easy and simple way.

Calls and visits. They’re simple features, but the one-touch dialing and GPS direction functions of a mobile app can help your clients reach you easily. (For some attorneys, you may not want your clients to be able to get you that easily, but fear not – apps made with 529 Mobile Apps are fully customizable!)

Mobile reservations. For the truly bold, you can open up a part of your schedule and allow clients to set their own appointments using your app. It’s incredibly convenient for them, and will sync with your own calendar. For attorneys that can provide this level of access to clients, you’ll likely wind up increasing client satisfaction and referrals significantly.

This is just a sampling of the ways that mobile apps can boost your practice and help you improve your client relationships. If you want to learn more about how easy setting up an app can be, head here before your next irate call drags you away from practice development.