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Why Every Restaurant Needs A Mobile App and Website - Our Clients My Pizzetta Know Why

Posted on 11/20/2013 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile Responsive Websites Clients

You might think the success of your restaurant is decided in the kitchen, but the Internet’s role in a restaurant’s success has grown steadily since it was first launched. Now, the vast majority of customers find restaurants after an Internet search. And where are most Internet searches being conducted nowadays? The answer surprises many . . .

Mobile devices have become the most popular means of searching the Web! The mobile web is not the same thing as the “desktop web,” either. Simply having a website is no longer enough to ensure that the connection is made with online searchers – businesses, including restaurants, must now have mobile-optimized websites.The process of creating a mobile-optimized website is not difficult, but the small effort that’s required is definitely essential in today’s modern restaurant industry.

Why is a mobile site essential?  Without mobile optimization, visitors that use mobile browsers will find a site hard to view, difficult to navigate, and ultimately, unpleasant. The result is that they will quickly hit the back button, and head to a competing site, where checking out the menu is easy. When searching for a restaurant, it’s easy to click into a restaurant’s site, reject it, and click on to the next one. And that’s just what users do.

The overlooked opportunity.  Easy-to-view mobile sites are still a huge competitive advantage for the restaurants that adopt them because, to date, only 5% of restaurants have created mobile websites. Many are still reliant on traditional channels to bring them business. So, for those restaurants that are ready to move with the customers and meet them where they now are, the rewards will be significant. The others stand to lose market share gradually to those restaurants that are connecting with an increasingly mobile world.

What about apps?  Not appetizers, mobile applications!  Apps open up communications between your restaurant and your customers, making promotions, reservations, visits, and many other things easier. In fact, if you make your app with Bizness Apps, customers will be able to call your restaurant or get GPS directions with a single click, make reservations from their mobile devices, and receive messages (like coupons, or invitations to special events) that you can send at will.  An app is a big revenue booster, and a great way to get your fans more engaged and visiting more frequently.

My Pizzetta.  We recently developed an App and Responsive Website for My Pizzetta - America's First Made for You Pizza Drive Thru!  My Pizzetta understands the importance of technology and a strong mobile presence which is why they chose an app and mobile website.

"529 Mobile has given us a professional App and responsive website that will be used to launch our start-up drive thru pizza business. The 529 Mobile team has been wonderful to work with and have expanded our vision of how to use technology to increase business. Their creativity and cutting edge use of technology is giving us a competitive advantage."