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If I make an app with 529 Mobile Apps, what will the app be able to do?

Posted on 1/27/2014 by in Mobile Apps FAQ

When your business puts out an app, customers can download it to their smartphone and interact with your business on the go. They can perform whatever functions you choose, from simple things to looking up your phone number, location, or upcoming events, to more complicated things like submitting orders or sending a message to a customer service rep.We have a huge wealth of powerful features for you to incorporate into your app! You can view them all here, but here are some of the highlights:

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Mobile App Minute: Forbes: Your Business Checklist Includes a Website, a Phone Number, and a Mobile App

Posted on 1/24/2014 by in Mobile Apps Mobile Websites Mobile App Minute

Recently, Forbes updated the list of business essentials to include a website, a phone number, and yes, a mobile app. “Horror of horrors! Not a mobile app! Why do I need that? No one’s going to use it anyway!” Calm down. Deep breaths. In . . . out . . . in. Okay, now? All right, let’s talk about this rationally. Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, if you wanted to be in business, it was enough to simply have a shop somewhere in town and hang out your shingle. Why? Because that was the easiest way to connect with customers. Then, as technology developed,

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Mobile App Minute: ZDNet: “The Mobile Web is Dead, Long Live the App”

Posted on 1/23/2014 by in Mobile Apps Mobile Websites Mobile App Minute

A recent post by Matt Baxter-Reynolds over at ZDNet raised some interesting points, with the central idea being that mobile apps are triumphing/have triumphed over the mobile web. “The Mobile Web is Dead, Long Live the App” Many people, ourselves included, have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of developing for the mobile web versus mobile apps. Our viewpoint generally tends to favor investing in both, given that they serve different purposes, but we understand where Mr. Baxter-Reynolds is coming from. In his post, he talks about two forces operating on the mobilesphere.

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Mobile App Minute: Mobile App Usage More than Doubled in 2013

Posted on 1/22/2014 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile Mobile App Minute

For those of us in the mobile world, Flurry usually isn’t telling us something we don’t know, at least not conceptually. Instead, they help us understand the magnitude of changes happening and provide us with hard numbers. Still, we’re almost always surprised to see just how rapidly mobile is changing things. This time, the headline is a doozy: mobile app usage increased 115% from 2012 to 2013! That is, the amount of time people spend in apps has more than doubled over the past year. Here’s how much each app type increased, year-over-year:

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The Mobile Minute: Mobile Cloud Computing Exploding To $9.5 Billion by 2014

Posted on 1/21/2014 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile Mobile App Minute

According to a report from Smith’s Point Analytics released late last year, mobile cloud services platforms are projected to grow over the next four years from $579 million to a staggering $4.4 billion in 2017. The mobile cloud is no joke! Of course, when you’re making projections, you can come up with any numbers you like. But this is almost a tenfold increase, and we think that since the folks over at Smith’s Point went to the trouble to compile a full report on the matter, we would offer our readers a glimpse into just how bright the future might be for the mobile cloud, and why it matters to small businesses.

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Small Biz in 2014 – Mobile Is Your Greatest Community Marketing Opportunity

Posted on 1/10/2014 by in Mobile Apps Community Connection

It’s a familiar story. The new year begins with almost unlimited optimism. No goal is too far-fetched, and no transformation is too drastic. No success is out of reach. It almost seems like you could accomplish anything this year . . . And then comes January 2nd. How quickly things change. The exciting new goals fall away, and the quick slide back into old habits begins. By February, all is forgotten, and the year winds up just like the one before it. This year is going to be different! Follow these basic steps, and you can make 2014 a year to remember for your small business.

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The Mobile Minute: 7 of the Most Popular Apps of 2013

Posted on 1/9/2014 by in Mobile Apps Mobile App Minute

2013 was another record-breaking, world transforming, totally interconnected year of apps – there’s no disputing that – and we can’t wait to see what developers have in store for us in 2014. But before we head off into a bold new year, we wanted to shout out some of our favorite apps that stole the show in 2013. Here they come!

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The Mobile Minute: 5 New Marketing Trends Small Businesses Should Be Aware of in 2014

Posted on 1/1/2014 by in Mobile Apps Mobile Websites Mobile App Minute

Out with the old, in with the new! No one knows what the future holds, but if we look at trends that are in motion today, we can often get a bit of a preview. Many times, people will discuss trends one at a time, but for this post, we thought it would be interesting to discuss opposing trends two at a time. Each of the forces described below are part of the push and pull that will influence small business marketing significantly in the coming year.

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