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The Mobile Minute: Mobile Apps & The 2013 Christmas Season

Posted on 12/24/2013 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile Mobile Commerce Mobile Websites Mobile App Minute

As Flurry reported last year, the amount of device activations skyrockets on Christmas day (for obvious reasons). Naturally, along with it comes a massive deluge of downloads. In 2012, the total was well over 300 million. Total downloads numbers were up by a huge margin for 2013. In addition, Christmas day device activations tend to favor tablets. While the ordinary split is about 80% smartphones, 20% tablets, on Christmas Day, the split is about 50/50.

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The Mobile Minute: Boost Sales Via Mobile This Holiday Season

Posted on 12/18/2013 by in Mobile Apps Mobile Websites Mobile App Minute

We’ve gotten an interesting look into the plans of small business owners for the holidays and the coming year. The findings show where small businesses plan to focus their efforts, and also show what strategies are expected to become more popular in the coming year.

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The Mobile Minute: 5 Mobile Predictions For Small Businesses To Watch in 2014

Posted on 12/14/2013 by in Reasons to go Mobile Mobile Apps Mobile Websites Mobile App Minute

2013 was the year that mobile reached the tipping point in terms of digital marketing priority for small businesses. Strategies targeted towards desktop users are still quite relevant, but new initiatives should now ideally be “mobile first.” The continued migration of users to mobile devices shows no signs of stopping, and the trend lines show that the future of digital marketing will be mainly mobile. Accordingly, here are five safe, non-controversial predictions about things to watch and take advantage of in the increasingly mobile world of 2014.

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The Mobile Minute: The Future of Small Business Mobile Strategies

Posted on 12/6/2013 by in Mobile Apps Mobile Websites Mobile App Minute

Mobile strategies? What are you talking about? My “mobile strategy” so far is to ignore mobile devices and hope they go away. They’re going away soon, aren’t they? Nope. Not by a long shot. In fact, in many ways, they are replacing desktops entirely. And for the first time in history, a majority of all Internet activity this year is expected to come from mobile devices. Indeed, many of the most popular apps and web companies are now reporting that most of their users are connecting via mobile devices. And this trend shows no signs of slowing down as the capabilities of mobile devices continue to increase. So, what do small businesses need to know to stay competitive going forward? Below are five clear trends that each small business owner should keep in mind when charting a course through an increasingly mobile world.

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The Mobile Minute: Harness the Power of Push

Posted on 12/5/2013 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile

If you haven’t been sending out push notifications from your business’s app, you’re missing out on one of the most effective ways to get users actually using your app. A push notification is a message that a user gets on the home screen of their mobile device. Push notifications emanate from apps, and can be turned on or off at a user’s request. They sound simple and boring, but get this: it has been reported that push notifications can lead to: • A 540% increase in daily app opens, • A 30% increase in social sharing, and • A 20% percent increase in mobile orders.

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Why Every Restaurant Needs A Mobile App and Website - Our Clients My Pizzetta Know Why

Posted on 11/20/2013 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile Responsive Websites Clients

You might think the success of your restaurant is decided in the kitchen, but the Internet’s role in a restaurant’s success has grown steadily since it was first launched. Now, the vast majority of customers find restaurants after an Internet search. And where are most Internet searches being conducted nowadays? The answer surprises many . . .

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The Mobile Minute: App Downloads to Hit 100 Billion

Posted on 11/6/2013 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile Mobile App Minute

That’s right. 100 billion. With a “B.” According to new projections from Gartner, app downloads this year will total roughly 102 billion, representing an almost 60% year-over-year gain from 2012. App store revenue will rise, too, moving from $18 billion to $26 billion, in total. How will all of this activity break down?

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The Mobile Minute: Apps for Auto Dealerships Increase Sales

Posted on 11/3/2013 by in Mobile Apps Mobile Websites Mobile App Minute Clients

“I’ve found 529 Mobile Solutions to be a great mobile marketing partner. Our mobile app has made communication so easy for customers before, during, and after the sale. Our service staff is now right at their finger tips and we have seen a huge increase in sales, service and parts already. The installation and set-up was extremely easy. I highly recommend 529 Mobile to anyone looking for a mobile marketing partner.” GARY DALTON // SERVICE DIRECTOR AT TOYOTA OF BEDFORD

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