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Google’s Latest Means You Need to be Mobile-Friendly

Posted on 3/13/2015 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile Mobile Websites Responsive Websites Google Apps

Google’s newest announcement about algorithms has everyone talking. Starting April 21, 2015, website indexing is set to change yet another time. The change is apparently going to be beneficial to users and businesses that are ready for mobile close-ups. The new Google algorithm will make it even more important for companies to have “mobile friendliness.”

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Mobile App Minute: Why Your Restaurant Should Offer Mobile Food Ordering

Posted on 2/28/2015 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile Mobile App Minute Mobile App Features

Do you have a drawer devoted to restaurant menus somewhere in your house? When it’s time to order dinner for your friends and family, do you find yourself rifling through the mess, looking for something specific, only to find that the number doesn't work, the line is busy, or your menu is outdated? Do you hate having to call in orders? You aren't alone, and restaurants know this. They are only one of the many industries that are joining the app revolution, offering online and mobile apps to appeal to their patrons.

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Mobile App Minute: What is MapPing and How Will It Help My Community & Business?

Posted on 5/2/2014 by in Reasons to go Mobile Mobile App Minute Mobile App Features

The heart of MapPing is a virtual fence around a geographic area. Establishing a MapPing location and linking it to a mobile device like a smartphone allows you to know when a person has entered or exited the defined MapPing location. For most small businesses, this information is used to trigger a ping notification to the person.

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Mobile App Minute: Why Your Business Is Crazy To Not Be Mobile

Posted on 4/8/2014 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile Mobile Websites Mobile App Minute

If you’re a business owner, chances are that you have a smart phone, a tablet or other device that you use to stay connected and interact with your customers. But are you doing enough to make sure you’re mobile-optimized? For an entrepreneur, especially those with a small or mid-sized business, it is important to be plugged into the growing mobile industry in every way possible.

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MapPing Notifications

Posted on 3/21/2014 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile

Ping notifications are one of the keys to connecting with your fans and customers using your app. While users may not necessarily launch your app frequently, notifications can help you keep the lines of communication open, especially through offers, discounts, event alerts, and other strategies. That way, your app becomes a sounding beacon that helps you maximize bonds with your user base. Our new ping notification system makes this process easier than ever before, while ensuring that your business looks really good each time customers see you on their mobile devices.

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Mobile App Minute: App Usage Miles Ahead of Mobile Web

Posted on 3/13/2014 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile Mobile App Minute

We’ve shared a steady flow of information on the push and pull between apps and the mobile web many times, but one thing is undeniable – in terms of user hours, apps are always miles ahead. Recently, Nielsen’s Cross-Platform Report for 2014 reconfirmed this fact when it reported that 89% of time spent on media on a smartphone is spent on apps, while only 11% is spent on the mobile web. Monthly, apps account for about 30 hours of time per user (a year ago, it was only about 23 hours – a 30% increase, year over year).

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Mobile App Minute: How to Increase Your Sales with Mobile Apps

Posted on 2/6/2014 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile Mobile Commerce Mobile App Minute

For most small businesses, every expense, no matter how small, must have a direct, tangible benefit. There’s little room for speculative costs and ambiguous returns. When it comes to mobile apps, this is good news! As mobile usage continues to increase, even small businesses have a lot to gain. Apps directly increase sales in a number of ways. Each of the features listed below can lead directly to a sale, helping mobile apps for small businesses prove their worth with nearly every click.

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Mobile App Minute: 529 Mobile Officially Launches App 2.0

Posted on 1/28/2014 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile Mobile Commerce Mobile Websites Mobile App Minute

In plain English, what is the point of 529 Mobile App 2.0? The point of 529 Mobile App 2.0 is to make all mobile marketing solutions, including mobile website creation, affordable and simple for small businesses. That is why we created MOBe, the first Mobile Everything Marketing tool for small business. Pretty much every small business needs a mobile marketing solution to avoid losing business to their competitors. Mobile Web searches for particular industries can easily number in the tens of thousands each month. Small businesses that don’t have mobile websites capture exactly 0% of this lead traffic, while their competitors gobble it all up!

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