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Mobile Apps Show No Sign of Slowing Down

Posted on 5/11/2013 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile

Flurry has recorded roughly 1.3 trillion in-app events, worldwide, over approximately 300,000 apps, published by 100,000 developers, across a billion devices. These include actions taken inside apps that serve functions such as retail, logistics, travel, social networking, gaming, music, and more. In short, people are playing, getting things done, and performing almost every type of activity they can through apps on their smartphones, and they’re doing it all in record-breaking numbers month after month. Some of you are even reading this article on a smartphone right now! (And when you’re done, you might even type in a comment, or share the post via a social media button. Only the very coolest readers will do this, of course. We understand that not every reader can be that cool).

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