Google Apps + Android for Work = Enterprise Mobility Solution for Small Business

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Google Apps + Android for Work = Enterprise Mobility Solutions for Small Business

Posted on 3/5/2015 by in Mobile App Minute Enterprise Mobility Google Apps

On Wednesday, Google announced that it has added many new Android for Work features to its paid version of Google Apps. These features will help businesses manage how employees access sensitive data or apps on their smartphones, part of a trend called "mobile device management" (MDM).

According to Google:  With just the phone in your pocket, you can email your boss in Gmail and then ask your kids when they’ll be home using Hangouts. You can follow up with a new client in Salesforce and pull up your tax documents in Drive. Everything you do, whether it's for work or your personal life can all be done from the device you always have by your side. That’s pretty powerful and can save a lot of time. But with great power comes great responsibility, and keeping that information secure requires some attention — whether it’s keeping your tax documents private to yourself or your email conversations secure within your company. 

That’s why last week Google made Android ready for work — making it easier for the more than one billion Android users out there to access the apps they need to be productive on their phones and tablets. Yesterday Google highlighted the ways Google Apps Mobile Management let’s you take full advantage of Android for Work

Accoording to Business Insider: These features will help businesses manage how employees access sensitive data or apps on their smartphones, part of a trend called "mobile device management" (MDM)Even though Google calls this Android for Work, the good news is that, most of these features cover both Android and iOS devices. 

+This means that if your company uses Google Apps, your IT department can set up some controls to protect your work email and documents, even if you own your own phone and just use it occasionally for work. 

+ The IT department, for instance, can tell employees to create a separate "work" login on their phones and this will be used to access the company email and other Google Apps documents. 

+ Even if IT doesn't mandate a separate work profile, they can encrypt work email and documents, and wipe the device remotely of that stuff if the device is ever lost or stolen. The work profile can also be set up to show off your company's own corporate app store, if your company has set that up. Google calls this feature Google Play for Work. 

+ It allows companies to show which apps they have licensed for employees. When you log into your company app store, you see only the apps you are approved to use.

If you are a small to mid-sized company – Do you use Google Apps for Work?  Do you have a MDM strategy? We are here to help bring enterprise mobility solutions to your small business.  

Please talk to one of out MDM Specialists and get your company mobile with Google Apps for Work.

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Security that’s easy to manage

As the domain administrator, with today’s launch, you can now choose the level of data separation that works for your organization. Whether it’s a personal device or a corp-issued one, with Android for Work, you can have all your employees create a Work Profile that isolates and protects work data from other activity on their phone. Or make it a choice, and let employees continue to switch accounts within Gmail and other Google mobile apps, while using the Work Profile for non-Google work related apps. Either way, all their work information is encrypted and can be remotely wiped.


The Work Profile keeps all work approved apps separate from the rest of the phone.

Easy to use

Google Play for Work makes it easy for employees to see what apps are approved by their company and install the apps they want onto their device. Once an admin enables Android for Work, anyone can choose to use the Work Profile, even if not required to. So their own information stays private while the company can enforce Mobile Management policies for work accounts if needed. 


Install work apps from Google Play for Work and keep them on your homescreen.

With Google Apps Mobile Management, you can have choice and security at the same time. Your employees can choose the device they’re comfortable with that helps them get work done, and you have peace of mind that company information is secure. Android for Work and Apps Mobile Management is available for all Google Drive for Work and Google Apps for Work, Government and Education organizations.