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Mobile App Minute: Pizza Hut Launches ***New Mobile Website and Mobile App***

Posted on 7/29/2014 by in Mobile App Minute

Pizza Hut launches new mobile website and mobile app this week. Recent studies show that restaurants who do not have mobile optimized websites or apps with mobile ordering available are actually losing out on money. It is time to equip your business with an app, or you could actually lose revenue.

Get an App to Make Ordering Easy for your Customers.

Offering an app or a mobile optimized website for your restaurant is just good business. Statistics show that customers order more often from businesses that offer apps, and when they do order, they order more. Having a menu at their fingertips makes it easier for them to browse items and order more food. They can also customize orders, request extra, and all of it is easier than having to place a phone call and talk over the din of a loud restaurant.

When you have an app, you can easily update your menu, post about specials, offer two for one deals or other promotions, loyalty incentives and rewards programs, and more. Your customers will never have to worry about ordering an item that is out of stock or no longer on the menu, because the app will always be updated. They can also see pictures of the food they are ordering, so they know exactly what they are getting. This will cut down on customer complaints.

There are many other great perks to offering a restaurant app.

Customers can also make reservations through the app, which will save precious phone time for you and them. It also eliminates the possibility of errors or over bookings.

You can also promote your restaurant through the app or website. Use MapPing to offer deals to customers who are in your area, or to advertise seasonal specials or new menu items. Allow customers to enter their birthday or anniversary date to receive a free drink or dessert. The possibilities are endless.

You can even link to Yelp reviews, so customers can read about your establishment before they ever walk in the door.

Restaurants are jumping on the trend.

The food service industry is already participating in mobile apps and online mobile sites. As of right now, 20% of restaurants are allowing customers to submit orders via mobile phones, with a handful of those using apps, while 70% of restaurant owners think that it is an up-and-coming innovation that they may take advantage of in the future.

Studies show that restaurants who have mobile apps simply have more frequent business, which means they make more money. You’ll also save precious time by not having to field so many phone calls during business hours. Many businesses are even hiring extra staff to deal solely with online and app orders. The numbers speak for themselves.

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