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Mobile Commerce Facts 4SmallBiz that Will Make You Want In

Posted on 8/11/2013 by in Mobile Apps Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce may seem like a cool extra channel for generating sales, until you learn more about it. Then you see that it’s quickly becoming the main channel for generating sales online and connecting with customers. In fact, if trends continue, there may come a day when m-commerce is referred to more simply as just “commerce.” Okay, that’s overselling it. But m-commerce is a big deal, and we’ve got four facts to back that claim up. Read on, but be warned – once you hear more, you’re going to want in. The opportunities are just too darn tasty.

1. Mobile commerce will reach almost $40 billion by the end of the year

Wow. Is that for real?

Yes. Yes it is.

Mobile commerce is a massive, booming market, and it’s increasing all the time. If your business doesn’t have a piece of it, you may be losing total market share as others arrive to the party ahead of you.

And it’s a pretty big party.

2. Everyone has a mobile device

And not just that, a huge amount of people have smartphones (roughly half of adults in the U.S.). This means that you’re not addressing a small slice of the market when you invest in m-commerce, you’re addressing the majority of the market.

Again, these trends show that m-commerce is not an extra, supplemental channel for producing sales, but one that is fast-becoming the central channel in the digital marketplace. Of course, not all products and industries are impacted by this fact equally, but if you haven’t checked out the data for your business recently, it’s high time you did.

3. If you offer “store mode,” customer engagement increases fivefold.

Yep, engagement is five times higher if your app has store mode. Even when people visit your location in person, they’re still visiting you on mobile. You just can’t get away from it. It’s everywhere. Literally. But there’s good news:

It’s a huge opportunity!

If your customers love mobile, then it pays for you to love mobile as well. And facts like this show just how much it pays. Your mobile dollar can go very far indeed.

4. Some shoppers only use mobile devices

This is the most compelling fact, in our opinion. Some shoppers can’t be reached on desktop devices anymore – they only connect via mobile. If you haven’t gone mobile, these customers are simply on another planet from you.

If you don’t like the sound of that, click here.