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Google Apps + Android for Work = Enterprise Mobility Solutions for Small Business

Posted on 3/5/2015 by in Mobile App Minute Enterprise Mobility Google Apps

On Wednesday, Google announced that it has added many new Android for Work features to its paid version of Google Apps. These features will help businesses manage how employees access sensitive data or apps on their smartphones, part of a trend called "mobile device management" (MDM).

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Mobile App Minute: Why Your Restaurant Should Offer Mobile Food Ordering

Posted on 2/28/2015 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile Mobile App Minute Mobile App Features

Do you have a drawer devoted to restaurant menus somewhere in your house? When it’s time to order dinner for your friends and family, do you find yourself rifling through the mess, looking for something specific, only to find that the number doesn't work, the line is busy, or your menu is outdated? Do you hate having to call in orders? You aren't alone, and restaurants know this. They are only one of the many industries that are joining the app revolution, offering online and mobile apps to appeal to their patrons.

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Mobile App Minute: Mobile Websites VS Mobile Apps

Posted on 1/18/2015 by in Mobile Apps Mobile Websites Mobile App Minute

It’s common knowledge these days that having a mobile presence for your business is one of the best things you can do. Being accessible to your customers via mobile is simply smart business nowadays, as such a huge percentage of people are surfing the web and conducting business solely via mobile. The question is, should you have a mobile optimized website or a mobile app? Both? How do you decide?

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B2Bs Need to Shift to Support Mobile Marketing in 2015

Posted on 10/3/2014 by in Mobile Apps Mobile App Minute B2B Mobility

According to experts, this year will be the year that mobile internet usage will finally surpass desktop internet use. This milestone is so huge for mobile that it really is hard to put into words. Remember a few years ago when you were glued to your computer screen?

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Mobile App Minute: iTunes App Store Reaches 1.3 Million and App Usage Up 21%

Posted on 9/22/2014 by in Mobile App Minute

During the iPhone 6 event held in Cupertino earlier this year, company Apple had a HUGE announcement…

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Mobile App Minute: 7 Stats That Show Mobile Marketing Is The New Leader

Posted on 9/9/2014 by in Mobile App Minute

Mobile marketing has been one of the most explosive technology waves since the internet was invented and shows no signs of slowing down. Mobile-commerce sales are booming and are forecasted to reach $100 billion in 2014. Businesses across a wide range of industries are implementing mobile strategies to grow their companies. Are you planning to join the mobile marketing world and jump on the app trend? There has never been a better time.

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Mobile App Minute: The Power of Push Notifications

Posted on 8/28/2014 by in Mobile App Minute

According to global-marketing company Responsys, surveyed 1,200 adults and discovered that six out of 10 adults have downloaded apps from their preferred brands. Of those, seven in 10 have enabled push notifications for those apps. When a younger set of people were surveyed, those percentages grew. Mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing for small businesses, and the trend shows no signs of stopping due to powerful features such as push notifications.

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Mobile App Minute: Pizza Hut Launches ***New Mobile Website and Mobile App***

Posted on 7/29/2014 by in Mobile App Minute

Pizza Hut launches new mobile website and mobile app this week. Recent studies show that restaurants who do not have mobile optimized websites or apps with mobile ordering available are actually losing out on money. It is time to equip your business with an app, or you could actually lose revenue.

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