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2015 Mobility Report: 5 Signs Your Small Business Needs Integrated Mobile Marketing In 2015

Posted on 12/10/2014 by in Mobile Apps Mobile Commerce Mobile Websites

As of this year, there are now more Americans using mobile devices than those using laptops. It’s official – the mobile world is here. The majority of consumers choose to research products and services on their mobile devices before purchasing, regardless of whether they purchase later in a store or online. Being mobile ready can mean several different things. You can have a mobile optimized website, an app, or both in some cases. So is your business ready to go mobile? We’ve laid out a few questions to help you make the decision. Spoiler: you should probably mobilize your small business.

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Mobile App Minute: How to Increase Your Sales with Mobile Apps

Posted on 2/6/2014 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile Mobile Commerce Mobile App Minute

For most small businesses, every expense, no matter how small, must have a direct, tangible benefit. There’s little room for speculative costs and ambiguous returns. When it comes to mobile apps, this is good news! As mobile usage continues to increase, even small businesses have a lot to gain. Apps directly increase sales in a number of ways. Each of the features listed below can lead directly to a sale, helping mobile apps for small businesses prove their worth with nearly every click.

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Mobile App Minute: 529 Mobile Officially Launches App 2.0

Posted on 1/28/2014 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile Mobile Commerce Mobile Websites Mobile App Minute

In plain English, what is the point of 529 Mobile App 2.0? The point of 529 Mobile App 2.0 is to make all mobile marketing solutions, including mobile website creation, affordable and simple for small businesses. That is why we created MOBe, the first Mobile Everything Marketing tool for small business. Pretty much every small business needs a mobile marketing solution to avoid losing business to their competitors. Mobile Web searches for particular industries can easily number in the tens of thousands each month. Small businesses that don’t have mobile websites capture exactly 0% of this lead traffic, while their competitors gobble it all up!

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The Mobile Minute: Mobile Apps & The 2013 Christmas Season

Posted on 12/24/2013 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile Mobile Commerce Mobile Websites Mobile App Minute

As Flurry reported last year, the amount of device activations skyrockets on Christmas day (for obvious reasons). Naturally, along with it comes a massive deluge of downloads. In 2012, the total was well over 300 million. Total downloads numbers were up by a huge margin for 2013. In addition, Christmas day device activations tend to favor tablets. While the ordinary split is about 80% smartphones, 20% tablets, on Christmas Day, the split is about 50/50.

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The Mobile Minute: Holiday Sales are Through the Roof at Smartphone-Friendly Websites

Posted on 12/20/2013 by in Mobile Commerce

According to recent data from Branding Brand regarding Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales, about a third of all e-commerce traffic over the holiday came from smartphones. While this may not sound like a lot, the year-over-year gains are what we found most striking. Smartphone sales are skyrocketing, and are on pace to dominate the market in the very near future. Consider some of the Black Friday increases on smartphone-optimized sites from last year to this year: • Visits were up 76% • Views were up 88% • Average order value was up 22% • Mobile sales increased 187%

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The Mobile Minute: Mobile Commerce Can’t Be Stopped

Posted on 12/4/2013 by in Mobile Commerce

Once upon a time, people were uncomfortable putting their credit card numbers into a computer, nevermind a cellphone. Man, how times have changed! Nowadays, it’s common to make purchases using anything found in your pocket except for your wallet. For those who aren’t familiar with it, this trend of making purchases with a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet is known as mobile commerce or “m-commerce.” Only a few short years ago, m-commerce didn’t merit a section on a pie chart showing the various channels of e-commerce. In 2010, it was only 3% of the total. But at the end of last year, it had grown to approximately 11%, representing $18.6 billion in total spending. And it is now projected to reach 15% of retail e-commerce by year’s end. As Mobile Commerce Press reports, m-commerce has seen 136% growth from last year! M-commerce conversion rates have also doubled. The reasons for this growth are many. Almost every part of the mobile sector is influencing, and influenced by, m-commerce. Here are just a few selected factors going into the boom:

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Mobile Commerce Facts 4SmallBiz that Will Make You Want In

Posted on 8/11/2013 by in Mobile Apps Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce may seem like a cool extra channel for generating sales, until you learn more about it. Then you see that it’s quickly becoming the main channel for generating sales online and connecting with customers. In fact, if trends continue, there may come a day when m-commerce is referred to more simply as just “commerce.” Okay, that’s overselling it. But m-commerce is a big deal, and we’ve got four facts to back that claim up. Read on, but be warned – once you hear more, you’re going to want in. The opportunities are just too darn tasty.

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