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How to Build a Brand That Stands the Test of Time

Posted on 5/5/2016 by

When it comes time to develop a brand, many companies set their sights on attention rather than retention, but 64% of people say a shared sense of value is the main reason they’re loyal to a brand. On top of that, 48% of those same consumers say a positive first experience with a company can easily earn their allegiance. Clearly, branding can serve as an incredible asset for customer retention, which should inform the foundation of your philosophy.

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8 Differences between Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites

Posted on 4/19/2016 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile Mobile Websites Mobile Marketing iOS Apps Android Apps

80% of the devices used to search internet today are smart phones. 47% are tablets. For any business, in almost any industry or sector, it only seems reasonable to have a mobile marketing plan. But when it comes to that, most people get caught up in a superficial tussle between mobile websites and mobile apps. It might help to know the differences between the two and the ways in which they affect the purpose of each.

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How to Get an Edge on Your Competitors

Posted on 3/30/2016 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile Mobile Marketing Google Apps iOS Apps Android Apps Google Play

Having a mobile application for your business, regardless of its size, can give you a leg up on your competitors. But it’s not enough to have an app. You need a good application that differentiates your business from those of your competitors and that adds to the customer experience in ways that similar companies do not.

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2016 – App Store Growth: Where’s It Happening?

Posted on 1/28/2016 by in Mobile Apps Mobile Marketing iOS Apps Android Apps App Store Growth Google Play

A few years ago it would have been hard to predict the riot that is the exploding App Industry. There is a veritable stampede as this young industry takes root, but there’s no sign of slowing in its growth yet. With a growth spurt to rival that of toddler-hood, there’s an inevitable sense that the market players are still only just finding their feet and growth is set to continue rapidly in the years to come. App Store Growth is one to watch again in 2016.

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Push Notifications are the Key to Mobile Apps Success

Posted on 12/15/2015 by in Mobile App Features Customer Experieince Push notifications Segmented Push Notifications

Every industry must adapt to stay ahead of the changing tides of consumers needs. Fashion designers strive to dream up the next popular fad, while medical researchers try to answer nature’s toughest questions. Becoming a leader in any industry isn’t only about keeping up with the trends, but also setting them. As mobile marketers, we have the opportunity to innovate and revolutionize the mobile world.

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Mobile Apps To Be Included In Google Search Indexing

Posted on 11/20/2015 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile Google Apps iOS Apps SEO Google App Indexing Android Apps Search Engine Optimization

For the most part, what Google wants, Google gets. And starting in 2016, Google wants to change how apps will be ranked through their app indexing. All SEO agencies need to pay close attention to what is on the horizon. Recently the tech mogul announced that within Android, it can now organize and rank app-only web content; this is content that has no web counterpart and only exists within the app itself. Now that Google ranks app-only content apps in a mobile search, the users need to understand how the new system differs.

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Mobile Marketing that Makes Sense

Posted on 4/15/2015 by in Mobile Apps Mobile Websites Google Apps Mobile Marketing

Customers are now searching for and viewing their favorite businesses on their phones much more often than their desktops computers. Mobile devices are the go to source for research, shopping and interacting with companies and conduct business. The need for mobile marketing is higher than ever and brands have to quickly meet this changing landscape if they want to succeed.

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Google’s Latest Means You Need to be Mobile-Friendly

Posted on 3/13/2015 by in Mobile Apps Reasons to go Mobile Mobile Websites Responsive Websites Google Apps

Google’s newest announcement about algorithms has everyone talking. Starting April 21, 2015, website indexing is set to change yet another time. The change is apparently going to be beneficial to users and businesses that are ready for mobile close-ups. The new Google algorithm will make it even more important for companies to have “mobile friendliness.”

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