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Mobile App Minute: 7 Stats That Show Mobile Marketing Is The New Leader

Posted on 9/9/2014 by in Mobile App Minute

Mobile marketing has been one of the most explosive technology waves since the internet was invented and shows no signs of slowing down. Mobile-commerce sales are booming and are forecasted to reach $100 billion in 2014. Businesses across a wide range of industries are implementing mobile strategies to grow their companies. Are you planning to join the mobile marketing world and jump on the app trend? There has never been a better time.

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Mobile App Minute: The Power of Push Notifications

Posted on 8/28/2014 by in Mobile App Minute

According to global-marketing company Responsys, surveyed 1,200 adults and discovered that six out of 10 adults have downloaded apps from their preferred brands. Of those, seven in 10 have enabled push notifications for those apps. When a younger set of people were surveyed, those percentages grew. Mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing for small businesses, and the trend shows no signs of stopping due to powerful features such as push notifications.

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Mobile App Minute: Pizza Hut Launches ***New Mobile Website and Mobile App***

Posted on 7/29/2014 by in Mobile App Minute

Pizza Hut launches new mobile website and mobile app this week. Recent studies show that restaurants who do not have mobile optimized websites or apps with mobile ordering available are actually losing out on money. It is time to equip your business with an app, or you could actually lose revenue.

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Mobile App Minute: Top 3 Trends Shaping Mobile Commerce

Posted on 7/28/2014 by in Mobile Apps Mobile App Minute

A new study finds 32% of all online purchases are made over mobile devices. Businesses in a variety of industries are looking for solutions to help them segue into the mobile-dominated world. Mobile technology developments have steadily been increasing over the past few years, and several small businesses are making mobile commerce their number one priority. Small businesses are implementing various tactics to transition into the mobile world.

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Mobile App Minute: 4 Ways Mobile Apps Increase Customer Engagement

Posted on 7/26/2014 by in Mobile App Minute

A new study, conducted by Pew Research Internet Project, showed that 91% of Americans own a mobile phone, and over half of them use those phones to access the internet. That probably doesn’t surprise anyone, but what you may not know is what that means for your business.

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Mobile App Minute: One In Four People To Have Smart Phones By 2015

Posted on 7/17/2014 by in Mobile Apps Mobile App Minute

By the end of 2014, approximately 1.76 billion people will own and use a smart phone, according to a study conducted by marketing research firm eMarketer. 25% of the world’s population, that is.

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Mobile App Minute: How Catholic Mobile Apps Help Churches Grow

Posted on 7/16/2014 by in Mobile Apps Community Connection

Did you know that the average US consumer spends roughly 2 hours and 42 minutes on their phone? You may think that mobile technology is unnecessary to your church, but considering those figures, are you certain? Churches have websites these days as well, and it only makes sense that you would want to be as mobile-optimized as possible for the members of your congregation.

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Mobile App Minute: Enterprise Mobility Market Expected to Rise to $340 Billion

Posted on 7/15/2014 by in Enterprise Mobility

Revenues in the enterprise mobility market are predicted to grow two times as fast as the consumer market spanning over the next five years, according to an estimate by ABI research. They predict that revenues could grow to $340 billion by 2017. The estimate includes revenues generated by several features offered on smart phones and devices, including voice messaging, headset data plans, mobile broadband and enterprise apps as well as others.

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