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How to Make City MapPing Work for Your Mobile Community & Business

Posted on 7/14/2014 by in Mobile App Features

By now, you’ve probably heard of MapPing – you may have even experienced it for yourself – but you may still have some questions about how it works, and more importantly, how it can work for your community or business. Let’s hit the basics first. Your community or business can easily build an app with 529 Mobile Apps, and ask customers and fans to download it. One of the possible functions you can include in the app is City MapPing. MapPing is the establishing of a virtual fence around a predefined geographic area. When one of your app users enters or exits the area, you can set your app to ping a message to the user. Thus, the virtual fence allows you to ping location-specific messages to your fans when they’re in the area.

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Mobile App Minute: Mobile Apps Drive Half of Time Spent on Digital

Posted on 7/10/2014 by in Mobile Apps Mobile App Minute

According to figures from May of this year, mobile platforms and devices such as tablets and smartphones account for 60% of total digital media time spent. That is up from what was already an impressive 50% in 2013.

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Mobile App Minute: Top 9 Mobile Marketing Stats for Small Business

Posted on 7/2/2014 by in Mobile Apps Mobile App Minute

Local mobile searches are expected to exceed desktop searches in 2015. Through social media, mobile apps and more, connectivity and engagement through devices is at an all time high, and will only continue to grow, with more and more consumers getting smart phones and other devices. Customers grow more reliant on their devices by the day, with other forms of advertising and sales becoming almost obsolete. There are certain mobile related statistics that every marketer should know about. We’ve outlined nine of the most important ones here.

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Mobile App Minute: Mobile App Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Posted on 6/17/2014 by in Mobile App Minute

Mobile apps are becoming more and more important to a small businesses marketing strategy every single day. There are so many ways to use an app to forge connections with your customers and potential clients, and to interact with you regulars. Marketing a mobile app requires careful thought and planning, however.

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Mobile App Minute: Mobile Technology is Reshaping Small Business

Posted on 6/10/2014 by in Mobile Apps Mobile App Minute

A recent report conducted by AT&T and the Small Business & Entrepreneurship (SBE) Council, a nonprofit group that promotes entrepreneurship and small business, small business owners have netted $67.5 billion a year from implementing smart phones and tablets in their day to day business activities. Mobile technology is saving businesses lots of money, as well as time. According to the survey. Smart phones are saving business owners $32.3 billion dollars annually. As well as around 1.24 billion hours of valuable time. Tablets and other mobile devices are also proving beneficial.

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Mobile App Minute: Making Space for Your Company on your Client’s Phone

Posted on 5/30/2014 by in Mobile App Minute

Phone books were once the only way for potential consumers to search for a good or service. Within the last two decades, desktops and search engines steamrolled the phone book to become the quickest way to find anything, anywhere. Now, however, customers are going straight to their Smart Phones to seek out businesses and products., rendering even desktops and laptops obsolete.

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Mobile App Minute: Launching a Branded Small Business App

Posted on 5/13/2014 by in Mobile Apps Mobile App Minute

Does my small business really need a branded mobile app? It is, without a doubt, a fact that branded mobile apps are the most powerful tool you can have at your disposal as a small business owner. If you haven’t got an app to offer to your customers yet, you are missing out on something truly lucrative, and potentially losing customers to your competition. The statistics don’t lie. As of January of this year, 58% of Americans owned a smart phone and 42% owned a tablet. The majority of users’ time was spent using apps. People are using apps for everything, from social media, shopping, making appointments, watching TV, playing games, and more. No matter what type of business you’re in, developing an app to offer to your customers is a really good idea.

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5 Tips for Realtors® Getting Started with InBox Marketing

Posted on 5/12/2014 by in Content Marketing Realtor®Apps

A great way to make the most of your audience on the web is to participate in our InBox Marketing Service. For those who don’t know, InBox Marketing is finding interesting items on the Web that pertain to your chosen theme, and presenting them to your audience with the goal of becoming a go-to outlet for that theme. For example, if you want to run a InBox Marketing content blog about lake front living in Ohio, you would scan the Web for news, opinions, video, and other content regarding Luxury homes, Lake Erie Real Estate, luxury homes and more. Becoming a go-to source for information on a particular topic takes time, but the tips below show the basic process for getting started with InBox Marketing and content creation.

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